About The People Everywhere Show

The People Everywhere Show explores how remote teams foster thriving cultures.

We're here to explore the bright spots in remote work through conversations with leaders of remote teams and experts on creating amazing workplace cultures. We started the podcast in July 2022 with the goal of learning about what's worked for others, what we can glean from the research and experimentation, and what we might take to apply in the organizations we lead.

The People Everywhere Show is a creation of Andy Kitson and Niko Skievaski. Please send us an email with your feedback, suggestions, or just to say hi.  

Niko Skievaski

I learn through conversation; the People Everywhere show might be a bit self-serving in that regard. It's my excuse to ask experts what's worked for them and get feedback on strategies I'm trying at Redox.

On the Redox front, we're nearing 250 fully remote employees (as of July 2022). We've been remote first since 2014, back before it was cool. I've been focused on culture for the past few years, since we passed the 150 employee mark. Lately, my biggest focus is on determining ways to build a strong sense of belonging at Redox. Here's a recent interview I did where I focused on culture and highlight some of the programs we focus on.

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Andy Kitson

I was an early engineer at Redox back in 2015. As we grew, I found myself working more and more on scaling the team and culture and ended up leading Redox's People team from 2018-2021 as the team grew to ~200.

Nowadays, I help remote companies stand up their People functions and get a head start before they have a real need to hire a full time Chief People Officer.

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